Glasshouse Girl provides upcycling services to clients in the north London area and across the UK. Maybe you have something and have a great idea for it but don’t have the technical skills? Perhaps you’ve seen something on Pinterest or TV and want me make it a reality? You may have inherited something and want to make it into something useful? Whatever the situation, I’m here to help. You can see my five-star Google reviews here.

Furniture Upcycling

Furniture can look tired and old after a while through no fault of its own. Older pieces tend to be more sturdy and built to higher standards compared with modern flatpacked furniture. Old pieces are modernised and given a whole new lease of life through painting or decoupage. It’s purpose is changed. It’s resculpted to meet your needs. It’s better than new!

For furniture upcycling, you should also take a look at my furniture painting services page for more ideas.

Lamps & Lampshades

Electrics seem to scare most people but luckily Glasshouse Girl is pretty handy with lamp fittings. All my lamp components conform to UK safety standards and lamps are PAT tested before sale.

From bottle lamps and vase lamps. Trinket lamps and toy lamps. A globe to a diver’s helmet, the list of items that make amazing lamps is endless. Need a shade to complete your lamp? No problem! Handmade lampshades are available and custom made in a wide range of shapes and sizes.


A feature clock makes a real statement in a room. Time dominates our lives and passes quickly. Checking out its passing doesn’t have to be boring though!

Glasshouse Girl renovates and creates unique clocks with full working mechanisms. When you have a theme or a specific idea in mind. When you are looking for inspiration. Let’s schedule a time to talk soon!

Cake Stands

Mr Glasshouse says I have a disease – an addiction to vintage china! For gorgeous cake stands, I create plenty. Buy via this website or see me at craft fairs across north London and Hertfordshire.

Memory Tables

Most of us have a box of mementos squirelled away somewhere. They are ever hardly seen and mostly gather dust. From ticket stubs or newspapers to programmes or letters. Baby clothes to locks of hair. Photos to medals and so much more. Your precious memories can be embedded into a table and your everyday life.

I create bespoke tables in custom shapes and sizes. These tables are made from wood and resin. Each piece if made completely unique with your precious memories which are sunk into the crystal clear resin.

These unique pieces allow you to enjoy your memories every day and make the perfect statement piece in your room.

Challenge Glasshouse Girl!

Just send me a few pictures of something you’ve seen, an idea of what your imagination has come up with or give me a call. I can advise on the best approach.

If you are looking for someone to who offers creative upcycling services in north London then we can arrange a face to face consultation – book via my Facebook page here.

I’ll give you my honest advice and some great ideas!